Real World Cryptography

Paris Meetups

Meetup 1: 12 June 2024 — 18:00

Zama, 8 rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris


Limited space available

Welcome to the Real World Cryptography Paris (RWC Paris) Meetups! Our goal is to bring together enthusiasts, professionals, and academics to discuss the latest advancements in cryptography. Whether you're an experienced cryptographer, a software engineer, or someone with a keen interest in the field, our meetups offer a platform to learn, share, and network.


Real World Cryptography Paris meetups are made possible by the following sponsors, who work together to organize the event, provide a venue, review and select talks, and more.




Hijacking Electronic Passports for Anonymous Proofs of Humanity

Florent Tavernier and Rémi Colin, Proof of Passport


Ethical Identity, Ring VRFs, and Zero-Knowledge Continuations

Jeff Burdges, Web3 Foundation


Secure One-Round Biometric Authentication under Encryption

Valentin Reyes Häusler, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


A ZK-Friendly Arithmetization of Keccak

Azam Soleimanian, Consensys


Food & Drinks

Sponsored by Hylé and Symbolic Software




Call for Talks

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We are looking for engaging speakers to present at our next meetup. If you have a talk proposal that fits within the realm of cryptography, we want to hear from you! Submissions for Meetup 1 have closed!

Accepted topics

Topics can include, but are not limited to applied cryptography and protocols, zero-knowledge proof system and primitives, cryptographic implementations, blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and more.

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Code of Conduct

RWC Paris Meetups aims to be a friendly place for people with common interests to meet up and talk about real world cryptography. Everyone who attends promises to treat everyone with dignity and respect to be considerate and understanding of differing viewpoints, and to be respectful in all forms of communication.

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Real World Cryptography Paris Meetups are organized by the sponsors committee. Please email Nadim Kobeissi with questions.